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Job Details

HVAC Skilled Maintenance Technician

Category: Service and Trade
Cambridge, MA

Department: Repairs & Maintenance
Employment Type: Full Time
Union Name: 877 - LOCAL 877
Work Days: 8 hour shift - various days & shifts
Hours/Week: 40
Date Posted: 08/15/2017
Requisition Number: hrq-76383

Job Details





    Job Purpose        

    Under the general supervision of the Director of Facilities Management or his/her designee, and in all areas of the hospital and related buildings, performs a variety of general maintenance, preventative maintenance, repairs and construction duties, and operates, maintains and repairs, adjusts HVAC & Refrigeration equipment, systems and controls in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation and maintenance manuals, manufacturers specifications or other requirements as directed.



    Equivalent to 4 years of High School vocational training.

    Must be mechanically inclined.

    Certificate of completion from accredited vocational school or other curriculum in HVAC/Refrigeration Training Program.



    Current MA license as Refrigeration Technician, Refrigeration Contractor or equivalent.



    Certification in HVAC and Refrigeration-related responsibilities are recommended.


    Work Experience:       

    A minimum of three years related experience in hospital, institutional HVAC & Refrigeration Systems, Energy Management and Building automation Systems operation, maintenance, repairs and installation.


    Must have experience in basic electricity, plumbing, painting, and carpentry.  Must be familiar with the use of most small power tools.


    Physical Skills:


    1. Extended periods of sitting, bending and walking.
    2. Eye-hand coordination.
    3. May work irregular hours between meals or breaks.
    4. Able to manipulate smallàlarge, lightà heavy furniture, objects, tools.
    5. Able to enter data in logs, work orders, records, etc. with legible numbers and letters.
    6. Visual acuity to accurately read small print and /or numbers from work orders, instruction manuals.
    7. Can maneuver up and down moderate to high ladders; on tops of equipment; small tight spaces.
    8. Able to reach arms length, in front of center line of body, full length overhead.
    9. Able to lift, carry heavy objects, tools of no more than forty (40) pounds weight.
    10. Able to bend, twist, rotate around body axis to service, repair, equipment.
    11. Auditory acuity to hear phones, equipment alarms, voices and converse in a very noisy environment.           


    Mental Skills:


    1. Can work independently, self-starter, accepts responsibility readily.
    2. Cognitive ability to read, write, understand, analyze work order requests, policies, procedures.
    3. Can evaluate, process information rapidly, make appropriate judgements, decisions.
    4. Multi-task oriented – good organizational abilities.
    5. Able to work in demanding, stressful environment with concentration to complete tasks in spite of interruptions, distractions, customer comments, etc.
    6. Able to work with little or no direct supervision


    Working Conditions and Physical Environment:


    1.     Fluorescent lighting, some natural light in some areas.

    2.     Concrete floors, some vinyl flooring in some areas.

    3.     Physical hazards due to :

    a.     Hazardous chemicals

    b.     Infectious materials

    c.     Electrical shock

    d.     High temperature steam, liquids

    e.     Radiation

    f.      Potential for fire

    g.     Equipment hazards

    h.     Wet, slippery floors


    4.     Noisy, dust, dirt.

    5.     Some air conditioned – warm, hot work areas.

    6.     Small, uneven surfaces, narrow work spaces in/around equipment, work areas.

    7.     Protective equipment, work uniforms used in Hospital including:

    a.     Gloves

    b.     Face Shield

    c.     Back Support

    d.     Safety work shoes

    e.     Hearing protection

    f.      Work uniforms

    g.     Universal precautions dress


    8.     Varied workstation heights

    9.     Routine, sometimes redundant tasks, activities.


    Job - Specific Duties and Responsibilities:                                        


    Must be familiar with the operation of all building systems


    Assist Electrician with electrical maintenance duties such as replacing outlets, plugs, switches, light fixtures, nurse call cords, replacing light bulbs, wiring for air conditioners, changing fuses, and other duties


    Perform basic plumbing duties such as fixing leaky faucets, replacing parts, sweat joints and cleaning out traps.


    Perform mechanical duties such as maintaining and inspecting machines, devices and equipment for defects, dismantle as needed to gain access to defective parts and repair or replace.


    Repair tables, other furniture and equipment such as doors, locks, and door closers.  Replace or adjust as needed.


    Paint floors and walls, apply wall coverings, lay tile, and perform rough carpentry duties, such as adjusting doors/closers, install shelving.


    Perform preventative maintenance on other hospital equipment and systems


    Check all lighting in and around hospital buildings.  Replace bulbs as necessary.


    Remove and replace defective or outdated equipment.  Procures necessary parts and materials.


    Make necessary repairs to grounds, off-site buildings and other hospital property.


    Perform project work as assigned.  Plans organizes and executes as appropriate.


    Perform equipment/machine space rounds on assigned shift or as otherwise requested.


    Perform repairs to plaster, brickwork or concrete as required.


    Cleans shop and mechanical spaces/equipment.


    May drive hospital truck to pick up equipment or supplies as requested.


    Moves furniture, file cabinets, beds, tables, and boxes as required.


    If and when directed, shovels, plows, sands, and salts areas of the hospital, related buildings or properties and parking garage as needed.


    May be required to work overtime when necessary.


    Consistently adheres to all hospital and departmental policies and safety guidelines.


    Demonstrate good understanding of HVAC equipment and systems operation and performance.


    Correctly evaluate equipment alarms, log sheet data, energy management computer printout data to determine/confirm adjustments, efficient operation.


    Perform adjustments such as starting/stopping equipment to maintain ventilation air flow, exhaust systems, heat and/or other equipment and systems.


    Routinely monitor and maintain building energy management and pneumatic control systems and trend reports, respond to alarms, report alarms, and perform follow-up repairs while keeping the Director and/or his designee informed, along with the customer.


    Routinely maintain, clean, monitor condition of assigned areas to preserve exemplary condition.


    Correctly perform and complete all maintenance, work orders and required duties in a timely fashion with a high degree of quality.


    Continuously inspect, clean, lubricate, paint, maintain equipment systems as directed.


    Demonstrate ability to successfully troubleshoot, resolve equipment system problems and failures.  Implement remedial action immediately as required.


    Supervise contractors/vendors in the completion of assigned tasks, installations, inspections, or repairs in his/her area of responsibility as assigned/required.


    Perform other duties as assigned.















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