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Job Details


Category: Social Work
CHA Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA

Department: Zinberg Psych
Job Type: Part Time
Job Class: Union
Union Name: USW -TCH/SH Social Workers
Work Shift: Days with Evening Hours
Work Days: 8.30am - 5pm; or 9am - 5.30pm two days per week; one 4 hr da
Hours/Week: 20
Date Posted: 05/07/2021
Requisition Number: hrq-116331

Job Details

  • Clinical Social Workers within the Outpatient Department of Psychiatry are vital members of the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural treatment teams. In collaboration, they provide services to those individuals, couples, and families who can derive maximum benefit from outpatient care across the spectrum of programs offered within the department. The diversity of the client population served, in addition to the treatment modalities utilized, requires interdisciplinary expertise and collaboration. The Clinical Social Worker will join a multidisciplinary team dedicated to treating a diverse group of patients with more complex presentations of HIV, and provide psychotherapeutic support to patients - in collaboration with the the multidisciplinary Zinberg Clinic team

    The training responsibilities are assigned by the Director of Social Work Training in accordance with the training needs of the department.

    Job Duties:

    Ability to develop rapport with diverse patients having mental and/or substance use disorders.

    Ability to assess patients for DSM-V disorders, with skill and prior experience in making triage decisions, in assessing risk, and in applying the multi-axial diagnostic classification accurately.

    Ability to develop individualized treatment plans taking into account patient needs and available clinical services, using a full range of appropriate treatment modalities (such as crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy, skill based and/or Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, couple and family therapy, supportive and intermittent therapy.

    Ability to provide clinical care to patients commonly seen in primary care and specialty mental health settings (including core disorders, such as patients with mood or anxiety disorders; patients with severe and persistent mental disorders; patients with personality and/or substance use disorders; and patients with post-traumatic stress disorder).

    Knowledge, skill and experience in at least two core areas of psychosocial treatment (e.g., psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, short-term therapy, problem-oriented therapy, group therapy, interpersonal therapy for depression, couples and family therapy, internal family systems therapy, or other evidence-based approaches), with a commitment to continuing professional growth by development of new clinical skills and mastery of additional techniques.

    Skill and experience in working as a productive and collegial member of multi-disciplinary mental health teams and in collaborating with other health care providers (e.g., primary care and medical specialists).

    Skill and experience in managing time, maintaining schedules, and in completing documentation and other work assignments on time.

    Ability to manage a mixed cohort of new and continuing patients to promote rapid access to care.




    Additional linguistic skillset - Portuguese, Haitian Creole, or Spanish strongly preferred

    HIV/Infectious Disease experience preferred


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