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Job Details

Laboratory Assistant

Date Posted: 06/01/2023

Requisition Number: 4635

Location: CHA Everett Hospital 

Work Days: M-F w/ rotate weekends/holidays, on-call  

Category: Allied Health  

Department: Lab at CHA Everett  

Job Type: Full time  

Work Shift: Day 

Hours/Week: 40.00 

Union: Yes 

Union Name: SEIU 1199


The CHA laboratory provides everything from from routine blood and urine tests to special tissue evaluation.   

To perform a narrow range of laboratory procedures and related duties, with supervision, following established standards and practices; to promote the efficient operation of the laboratory and patient care. To ensure an effective laboratory customer interface for providers, patients, visitors and other Alliance staff.

• Accurately records and conveys all telephone messages to the appropriate person.
• Always correctly obtains name and phone number of caller. Messages are written legibly.
• Answers the telephone promptly (within 4 rings).
• Identifies self and the department and says, “How may I help you?”
• Speaks in a friendly, patient and helpful manner.
• Is polite and respectful to patients and customers.
• Presents a helpful attitude at all times. Maintains a high level awareness of customer importance and continually seeks to satisfy customer needs.
• Understands and appropriately utilizes all phone features such as: call forwarding, busy-call back feature, and intercom.
• Triages all calls appropriately; accurately determines the need of the caller, attempts to meet customer’s needs as appropriate whenever possible without forwarding the call.
• Ensures that there is someone to answer the phones at all times.
• Accurately relays reports to providers over the telephone.
• Able to look up specimen reports on the computer given the patient’s name or unit number.
• Accurately identifies the patient by matching the patient’s
name, unit number, date of birth, age, address, and social security number.
• Accurately updates/enters demographics as needed.
• Correctly enters/updates patient insurance information,
adhering to rules regarding primary and secondary insurances.
• Correctly enters names of attending and non-attending
o Providers.
o Accurately enters diagnoses.
o Correctly enters the date and time of service.
o Adheres to all compliance policies while performing
o patient registration.
• Correctly transcribes the registration number onto the lab requisition or other documents as needed. Correctly identifies and labels patient samples. Accurately transmits information into computer and onto worksheets/log books.
• Consistently and accurately documents all problems relating to specimen collection, handling and integrity as required by department.
• Performs phlebotomy on both adults and pediatrics with less than a 10% “miss” rate.
• Understands and follows phlebotomy policies and practices good aseptic technique when performing phlebotomy.
• Labels all collected specimens accurately according to the Laboratory Specimen Labeling Policy with 0% error rate.
• Appropriately selects proper collection device to accommodate the needs of the patient.
• Utilizes safety device needles during all phlebotomies and practices proper disposal for all “sharps” and biohazard waste.
• Wears proper protective equipment for all specimen collection
• Procedures.
• Understands and adheres to special Infection Control Isolation policies and procedures.
• Achieves/contributes to high customer satisfaction scores.
• Has no customer complaints.
• Properly instructs patients in the collection of specimens for laboratory analysis.
• Accurately performs specimen collection to include but not be exclusive of the following:
• Venipuncture .Capillary collection Bleeding times Urine Collection
• Responds to all requests for patient blood collections in a timely manner. Accurately transcribes data from requisitions to the computer.
• Accurately verifies and matches all specimens with requisitions/orders to ensure accurate receipt and processing
• Correctly identifies all specimen labeling errors and follows the laboratory policies and procedures for correct handling.
• Consistently notifies providers of all specimen problems in a timely manner. Documents all problems and notifications in the computer as required.
• Accurately delivers all specimens/labels/requisitions to the appropriate department.
• Properly stores all specimens according to test specific
requirements so as to preserve the integrity of the specimen
• Ensures that all specimens are transported in a timely manner according to department and specimen requirements
• Appropriately prioritizes STAT specimen orders and processes them in a timely manner.
• Accurately processes the collection batch by receiving,
editing and canceling specimens appropriately.
• Consistently processes ‘Add-On” requests in a timely manner.
• Properly handles all “Site Batches” received from other
Demonstrates thorough understanding of quality control protocol.
• Ensures that all quality control criteria are met during the performance of assigned technical work. Immediately reports all quality control problems to the supervisor before proceeding.
• Performs all quality control tests as per department guidelines adhering to frequency requirements and standards for quality control performance. Accurately performs assigned technical work under the direct supervision of the department supervisor or designee. Such assigned duties may include, but not be limited to:
o Planting Microbiology specimens
o Performing Point-Of-Care waived testing
o Preparation of Histology/Cytology specimens
o Centrifuging specimens
o Preparation and staining of slides
o Preparation of specimens for analysis
o Labeling of tubes/slides/plates for testing
o Storage and retrieval of specimens
o Managing a Front-End Specimen Processor
• Reports all difficulties in performance of duties immediately to supervisor for help with corrective action.
• Uses micro sampling techniques for pediatric and elderly patients when appropriate and possible.
• Consistently adheres to department guidelines for provider notification of STATs, critical and corrected values.
• Consistently completes all occurrence screens as required by the department.
• Performs all assigned duties in an accurate and timely manner.
• Transports supplies from the laboratory storeroom areas to the work station area. Will unpack supplies when received and appropriately label them with received date.
• Stays current with updates in procedures and is familiar with the contents of procedure and policy manuals.
• Readily performs other tasks as assigned or directed. accurately completes the appropriate reference lab test requisitions, including all required information.
• Accurately logs all patient lab tests into the appropriate log book.
• Accurately enters all patient test results.
• Consistently adheres to department guidelines for all test result verification procedures.
• Accurately files and maintains all reference lab test results In the designated report storage place
• Correctly notes all referrals in the computer
• Records a clear and accurate request for slides.
• Pulls reports, gets slides and reports to ensure safe delivery.
• Attaches send-out letter as needed. Coordinates effective delivery via courier, cab, etc.
• Accurately distributes incoming slides to appropriate pathologist.
• Checks and verifies that all slides are returned from outside institutions.
• Consistently adheres to department guidelines for provider notification of STATs, critical values and corrected results.
• Documents all notifications appropriately.
• Consistently and accurately completes reference lab manifests accurately.
• Effectively utilizes the MediNet interface.
• Ensures that all outstanding reports are reconciled on a daily basis.
• Understands basic computer functions such as enter/edit requisition routines, label routines and result inquiry routines
• Effectively troubleshoots all printer failures and demonstrates ability to perform all basic required maintenance procedures
(i.e. printer cartridge changing, paper alignment, etc.)
• Demonstrates a thorough understanding of computer downtime procedures. Accurately maintains all manual records during downtime to ensure complete data recovery when the system is back up and running.
• Effectively interfaces with HIS department as needed to
o resolve hardware and software problems.
o Appropriately signs out of terminals/specimens/screens as required by the hospital security policy and so as not to lock up specimens or screens. Does not use anyone else’s password to gain access to unauthorized screens
o Demonstrates an adequate knowledge of the use of the fax and copier.
o Accurately and efficiently copies requested documents.
o Maintains documents in the proper order and meets requested deadlines.
• Obtains, copies and returns medical records as needed. Demonstrates ability to correctly pull all types of external patient reports. Consistently adheres to the department schedule for the pulling and distribution of all external patient reports.
• Consistently adheres to the department schedule for the pulling and distribution of all internal computer reports. Accurately distributes all reports to the appropriate designated places
• Demonstrates an adequate understanding of the “mail sorting “procedure and accurately mails all reports to the appropriate location/provider.
• Accurately and consistently pulls and reviews the “Outstanding Specimen Report” at required intervals. Does appropriate follow-up to ensure that all specimens are accounted for and any problems are resolved within allowable time limits.
• Consistently pulls worksheets adhering to the established schedule and distributes to departments.
• Accurately and efficiently gathers materials and required reports for conferences. Pulls computer searches, lists reports as appropriate and gets all required slides. Keeps work area clean; keeps paperwork and specimens in designated areas. Presents a neat and orderly appearance for all visitors to the Department.
• Keeps work area adequately stocked. Reports all low inventory situations to the supervisor in a timely manner and according to department protocol.
• Cares for and maintains equipment as required/directed.
• Notifies supervisor of equipment failure.
• Checks all reagents for outdates prior to use and labels all reagents with received, opened and expiration dates as required.
• Demonstrates good organizational skills and ability to multi-task. Appropriately prioritizes work to maximize the efficiency of the Department.
• Maintains organized file system to ensure ready retrieval of requested information. S 1 Keeps work area disinfected by washing surfaces with appropriate disinfectant at frequent intervals.
• Understands and applies principles in the Laboratory Bloodborne Pathogen Control Plan. Adheres to Universal Precautions at all times.
• Understands and applies principles in the Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan. Uses appropriate safety attire and devices according to guidelines.
• Demonstrates adequate knowledge of disaster responses and all other laboratory and CHA safety policies.
• Demonstrates adequate competency in response to fire drills, chemical spill drills, infectious spill drills. Has no failed drills.
• Successfully completes Annual Review Training in Safety & Risk Management within designated time period.
• Maintains a good working relationship with all fellow employees within the department and from other departments.
• Participates daily in the team effort to efficiently complete all required department work within the appropriate time interval.
• Actively participates in committees/task force team meetings as assigned.
• Attends and participates in all required department meetings, reads minutes and completes assigned follow-up tasks within required deadline.
• Demonstrates flexibility in resolving scheduling issues.
• Effectively participates in training new employees. Is responsible for creating a respectful environment for our patients and ourselves.
• Demonstrates respect for differences In language, culture, race, religion, citizenship, gender, and sexual orientation and does not discriminate on the basis of income, insurance status, immigration status, or disability
• Compliance with the Alliance policy on confidentiality of information regarding patients, families and co-workers.
• Adheres to the laboratory guidelines for arrival and departure times for work. Does not have any warnings or documented counseling for lateness or leaving work early. Appropriately transitions with the next shift.
• Uses Earned Time appropriately. Does not “borrow-ahead”.
• Does not call in sick more than 5 times per year.
• Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and clean.
• Wears identification while on duty.
• Meets all obligations regarding On-Call as required.
• Completes competency requirements each calendar year for duties performed.
• Complies with all other laboratory and Alliance policies.
• Performs other duties as directed/required in order to maintain continuous functioning of the department.



Other information:
Minimum Job Qualifications:
Must be fluent in the English language.
Good verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to understand oral and written instructions regarding the operation of the computer.
Polite, friendly person able to interact positively with fellow staff members and the general public.
Prefer individuals with some education in science courses.

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