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Job Details

Milieu Counselor Float

Date Posted: 11/29/2023

Requisition Number: 6437

Location: CHA Cambridge Hospital 

Work Days: 7:00am-3:30pm and 3:00pm-11:30pm, Every Other Weekend and Ro  

Category: Human and Social Services  

Department: Inpatient Psych Float Pool CH  

Job Type: PT20Plus HPW  

Work Shift: Day / Evening 

Hours/Week: 32.00 

Union: Yes 

Union Name: CH Laborers 380


Cahill 4 is an adult Psychiatric locked unit. There are 18 beds available on this inpatient unit of which we see various types of psychiatric illnesses such as Schizophrenia bi-polar and affective disorders, Personality disorders, Duel diagnosis, Adjustment disorder, Psychosis, and use DBT/CBT Group Therapy. According to DMH we have a lower than average restraint rate, use sensory approach to de-escalating patients, and all staff are educated in trauma informed care with provides each patient with individualized care.


• To provide quality patient care according to The Cambridge Hospital standards of nursing practice and the role expectations of the Psychiatric Emergency Service: to assess, plan, implement, evaluate, and document that care and to develop professionally.
• The Milieu Counselor is a member of the multidisciplinary team who, under the supervision of a Registered Nurse is responsible for a safe and structured service as well as attending to the individual needs of patients in crisis on an inpatient psychiatric setting.


• Performs specific nursing care under the supervision of a staff nurse psychiatric evaluation of cases assigned.
• Understands and can perform a mental status exam.
• Can take vital signs as directed.
• Under the training of the nursing staff can correctly perform vital signs and report finding to the DOC; learns norms.
• Routinely takes signs when report of drug use, withdrawal, c/o dizziness.
• Documents assessment and completes all record keeping on patients or other data regarding the operation of the service.
• Information follows protocol posted
• Information is legible.
• Information is recorded prior to leaving that shift.
• Log book is complete.
• Utilizes the communication book as necessary.
• Consultation with medical emergency room on patients with psychiatric problems.
• Responds as quickly as possible or explains how long it will be before consultation is available.
• Makes an effort to see all consultations regardless of complaint.
• Consultation with the DOC regarding all cases.
• Calls 100% of the time on each case and makes an effort to do so before patient leaves.
• Reports assessment in an open manner to encourage collaboration.
• Let’s concerns re: assessment and dispositions be know clearly and insists on DOC seeing patient when uncertain.
• Makes appropriate referrals for clients to be available resources for follow-up care.
• Knows the mental health system.
• Makes the necessary follow-up calls when referring out of the system.
• Triages and screens clients from other areas and refers them to the correct facility.
• Knows catchment area resource materials.
• Refers clients in a firm but non-hostile manner.
• Provides telephone coverage while on duty. Refers all non-emergent calls to the appropriate department.
• Answers by identifying location; can set limits with those calls which are not emergent without being rude.
• Is knowledgeable of insurance contracts and facilitates follow-up or admission accordingly.
• Obtains appropriate insurance approval and documents.
• Completes and faxes appropriate information to agencies.
• Reports off at the end of each shift both verbally and written.
• Provides a comprehensive review of the shift.
• Documents on report pad all cases pending or scheduled for follow-up stating proposed plans.
• Data is legible and organized.
• Receives report and follows through on work that needs to be completed from the previous shift.
• Makes necessary calls and checks them off as completed so that there’s no confusion as to what needs to be done.
• May provide liaison to departments/resources which the service interfaces.
• Learns the importance of building and continuing relationships with others and attends assigned meetings.
• Records the content of the meetings and shares the information with others.
• Informs the nurse manager of the attendance and frequency of the meeting.
• Attends and participates in continuing educational activities.
• Follows Department of Nursing policy.
• Attends Psychiatric EW conference when possible.
• Actively participates in assigned supervision and applies this knowledge to improvement of work performance.
• Participates in case presentations during morning rounds or other patient care conferences.
• Participates in unit monitoring & unit safety.
• Knowledge of hospital fire and safety procedures.
• Trained in CPR; recertified annually.
• Trained and able to act appropriately in restraint procedure: familiar with application of restraints, familiar with procedures and guidelines of the DMH regulations for restraint of patients.
• Able to recognize warning signs indicative of increase assertiveness and/or suicidal impulses and reports to the nurse.
• Demonstrates proper use of limit setting and behavioral intervention strategies.
• Complies with the guidelines of The Cambridge Hospital.
• Reviews and follows hospital policy manual and Department of Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual.
• Maintains standards of ethical and confidential patient care.
• Delivers care according to the Nursing Department Standards of Care.


Other information:
High school diploma required; B.A, B.S., or M.A. preferred or equivalent years human service experience.
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Human Services experience preferred

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