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Job Details

RN Clinical Leader

Date Posted: 05/23/2024

Requisition Number: 3369

Location: CHA Cambridge Hospital

Work Days: 3p-11:30p Mon-Fri (wknds prn)

Category: Registered Nurse

Department: Psych CH Cahill 3 Adult Nursing

Job Type: Full time

Work Shift: Evening

Hours/Week: 36.00

Union: Yes

Union Name: MNA Cambridge


Cahill 3 is an adult Psychiatric locked unit. There are 16 beds available on this inpatient unit of which we see various types of psychiatric illnesses such as Schizophrenia bi-polar and affective disorders, Personality disorders, Duel Diagnosis, Adjustment disorder, Psychosis, and use DBT/CBT Group Therapy. According to DMH we have a lower than average restraint rate, use a sensory approach to de-escalating patients, and all staff are educated in trauma-informed care which provides each patient with individualized care.

• The Clinical Leader knows and understands the philosophy, objectives, policies and procedures of Nursing Service and provides for their implementation.
• The Clinical Leader plans, administers and supervises nursing and related services with the medical/surgical staff.
• Service Excellence Key Responsibility
o Conforms behavior and actions to the expectations of the Service Excellence Program by exhibiting excellent customer relations skills to patients, visitors, physicians and co-workers.

Clinical Management/Leadership:
• Serves as an expert nursing resource to the interdisciplinary team regarding patient care issues and unit operations.
• Facilitates clinical coordination of care to ensure a smooth patient flow and maximize patient experience.
• Develops a daily staffing plan to ensure adequate nursing resources based on changing patient census and acuity.
• Collaborates with nurse manager around effective use of staff resources and staffing issues.
• As charge nurse, provides leadership for unit operations on a daily basis
• Communicates pertinent information regarding departmental activities and leads unit practice changes.
• Assists in preparation of scheduling of staff.
• Re-evaluates and adjusts assignments as volume and acuity change.
• Follows through on problems by using the appropriate clinical and administrative channels.
• Participates in the development of annual unit based goals and objectives.
• Recognizes environmental and system constraints that impact unit operations.
• Acts as a change agent among the staff in response to the evolving healthcare environment.
• Serves as an expert resource to all members of the multidisciplinary team regarding unit operations and patient care issues.
• Provides leadership to facilitate conflict resolution in collaboration with the nurse manager.
• Coordinates education, implementation and monitoring of systems for acquisitions and maintenance of equipment and supplies.
• Collaborates within and across service lines and departments to ensure effective clinical operations and continually improve effectiveness and efficiency of systems.
• Acts as clinical resource for staff members using evidence-based knowledge and prevailing standards.
• Identifies performance problems to the nurse manager.
• Actively participates and facilitates staff participation in unit, department, and hospital committees.
• Assumes a leadership role in clinical and administrative multi-disciplinary collaborative practice activities.
• Collaborates with Nursing Department around effective use of staff resources.
• Creates a supportive and cohesive environment that facilitates learning and professional growth.
• Conducts daily unit rounds on all patients to enhance their experience and improve satisfaction scores. Proactively identifies and addresses concerns/issues.
• Collaborates with Nurse Manager or designee to implement service recovery when necessary.
Clinical Practice:
• Acts as a first line clinical resource for staff.
• Demonstrates professional excellence in the care of patients through direct interventions and as a resource to colleagues.
• Initiates and collaborates with unit colleagues to develop, implement, and evaluate clinical standards.
• Reviews staff documentation and delivery of patient care and identifies areas for improvement.
• Develops and implements plans for improving patient care documentation.
• Maintains ongoing assessment of staff’s clinical decision making.
• Collaborates with staff nurses on development of their comprehensive plans of care.
• Promotes independent decision making and problem solving by staff nurses while being available for consultation.
Staff Development:
• Supports the orientation of new clinical staff and the development of clinical expertise in all unit staff
• Contributes to the performance assessment of peers and participates in counseling staff as needed.
• Provides real time staff feedback related to their patient assessment, clinical decision making skills, provision of patient care, clinical documentation and shares areas for improvement
• Participates in the determination of unit based competency needs
• Contributes to the evaluation of individual and unit based competency plans
Quality Improvement:
• Participates in the development of annual unit based competency goals and objectives based on unit outcome data and needed system and process changes
• Supports staff with the implementation and evaluation of quality improvement initiatives, evidence based practice changes, clinical guidelines, protocols, policies and procedures.
• Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of and participation in the quality improvement program.
Professional Image:
• Promotes the image of professional nursing by facilitating an atmosphere of respect to patients, their families and all members of the hospital staff.
• Demonstrates and communicates to staff a common philosophy of patient care.
• Interprets and supports policies, standards, and procedures on the unit.
Facilitates conflict resolution:
• Responsible for communicating pertinent information regarding departmental activities and staffing issues.
• Appropriately utilizes available resources in other departments.
Care of Environment:
• Maintains a clean, neat environment for patient and staff according to hospital and unit policies.
• Insures that supplies and equipment necessary for patient care are stored in an organized and efficient manner.
• Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information and policy and procedure manuals.
• Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning or cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies.
• Monitors patient supplies to ensure adequate supplies available for patient care.
Interpersonal Skills:
• Communicates effectively with management, peers, and health team members.
• Interacts effectively with members of the interdisciplinary team, patients, families, and/or significant others demonstrating respect for diversity.
• Adapts to changes in a positive, professional manner.
• Maintains interdepartmental collaboration.
• Follows through on problem resolution using appropriate clinical administrative channels.
Charge Nurse Role:
• Assumes clinical and administrative charge nurse responsibilities.
• Develops a daily staffing plan which ensures adequate resources based on changing patient census and acuity.
• In conjunction with the nurse manager, provides leadership for unit operations on a daily basis
• Collaborates with nurse manager around effective use of staff resources.
• Effectively communicates and collaborates with diverse individuals, disciplines and departments throughout the organization and the community we serve.
• Performs other related duties as assigned or directed.
• Organizational Duties and Responsibilities:
• Complies with the Alliance policy on confidentiality of information regarding patients, families and co-workers.
• Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and clean.
• Independently completes annual educational requirements and in-service training as required.
• Wears identification while on duty.
• Reports to work as scheduled and ready to receive assignments; minimal unscheduled absences.
• Attends meetings and participates in committees as required.
Additional Unit Specific Specifications
Psychiatric Services:
• Certifications
• Scheduling
• Weekends and rotation per contract
• May interface directly face to face with ED Staff in the ED regarding the psychiatric management of ED psychiatric patients and make recommendations for management.
• May interface directly with the PES staff to assess the nursing needs of a scheduled patient for admission and make recommendations.
• Actively assist with maintaining current policies and procedures for inpatient psychiatry.
• Facilitate patient admissions and discharges on the unit to prevent admissions from being delayed in the ED.


  • Graduate of NLN Accredited School of Nursing. 
  • Licensure: Current Massachusetts licensure as Registered Nurse
  • Certifications: Minimal certifications: BLS, Specialty certification required or obtained within one year of hire. Additional unit specific certifications may apply.

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