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Job Details

Sr. Director, Technology Services

Date Posted: 12/01/2022

Requisition Number: 1794

Location: CHA Somerville Campus 

Work Days: IT Admin Oncall  

Category: Information Technology  

Department: IT Administration  

Job Type: Full time  

Work Shift: Day 

Hours/Week: 40.00 

Union: No 

Union Name: Non Union

Under the broad direction of the CIO, the incumbent directs the development, implementation and provision of technical services and operations to support the needs of the overall CHA infrastructure. S/he provides associated strategic and technological leadership. S/he directs the productive, timely and quality delivery of programs and services, and ensures that systems are supported 24 by 7. The Senior Director oversees 70+ staff and capital and operating budgets of ~$15M. The incumbent manages areas that include network and telecommunications technology, direct user support services (help desk and user access), technical client services, MAC (Moves, Adds, and Changes), Linux systems, Windows systems, Desktop, Google Suite, and CyberSecurity group. The incumbent needs to be highly knowledgeable in voice systems, networks, telecommunications, system integration, user access provisioning, project management and general business practices. Most importantly, the incumbent must demonstrate expertise in understanding and delivering on user needs. The Senior Director sets the standard for service delivery and works creatively with administrative and clinical leadership to define and implement programs to better serve customers. This position is responsible for the planning and coordination of all IT infrastructure, network, telecommunications support activities within the CHA network including: TCH, SH, EH, the health centers, Cambridge Department of Public Health, and off-site locations that CHA services. These activities include working with the site director to determine the location’s IT needs and determining possible links/synergies. Of utmost importance is ensuring that the services we provide meet our users’ needs. Strategic visioning of the IT infrastructure will be an important aspect of the position. Understanding the vision of the organization

Reporting to the incumbent are the Director of Network and Telecom, Director of Systems Operations, and the Director of Technical Client Services, Helpdesk. This is a high visibility position and requires skill in working collaboratively. The incumbent ensures that all areas are well managed, proactive and progressive. S/he works extensively with the CHA clinical leadership and other IT Senior directors and directors to develop implementation and support plans. S/he leads the development and implementation of large projects and other initiatives, or directs others in the same. S/he works with other members of Information Technology management to design, develop and coordinate systems and infrastructure. The incumbent establishes measures to ensure that Information Systems Services meet CHA end user needs. S/he works with other members of Information Technology management to design, develop and coordinate systems and infrastructure. The incumbent establishes measures to ensure that the technology and overall system(s) capacity meets overall CHA needs. The position is a member of IT senior management and needs to work collaboratively with this group. This is a high visibility position and requires skill in working collaboratively with end users. The Senior Director needs to balance the expectations of CHA technical managers and end users with the reality of the funded and approved initiatives. This necessitates seasoned political skills and creativity in working with constrained resources. The Senior Director will interact frequently with all reporting Directors ensuring a seamless flow of information, combined planning and commitments to CHA initiatives. Similarly, the incumbent will work closely with the Directors of Applications, EPIC and Web Development teams, ensuring that production systems and the development environment are supported. The Senior Director will be skilled at working in a highly matrixed organization, and will foster that perspective across the entire Technology team. 

The incumbent manages the following areas: 

  1. Information Technology infrastructure - includes The Enterprise Data Center(s) Servers and storage systems. 

  2. User data peripherals (PCs, printers, PDAs) Server Operating Systems. 

  3. Database Systems.

  4. Desktop Operating Systems and desktop office applications. 

  5. Ongoing development and maintenance of the IT Infrastructure strategic plan. 

  6. Software based infrastructure management and planning systems. 

  7. Anti-virus systems (desktop, server, e-mail, SMTP, Internet portals). 

  8. Messaging (Enterprise email) – , but is not limited to, the following areas: E-mail systems 

SPAM filtering TLS E-mail data leakage technologies Internet – includes: Internet Gateway System (firewall, proxy, DNS, Network Intrusion Detection, BGP) Remote access technologies (VPN, Dial-in, Internet SSL, etc.) 

  1. Technical Services - includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: Back Office Services: including Windows, Linux, Cache and database management systems (Oracle, SQL server, etc.) 

  2. Data Center Operations: three data centers, disaster recovery, production control, etc. 

  3. Systems Programming: programming resources for server and desktop environments.

  4. Network Services: Support of networked systems (WAN and LAN) across CHA including strategic planning, system implementations, integration and troubleshooting. 

  5. Telecommunications: Includes the management of voice technology, related systems, large scale project management, call center management, and business operations such as revenue generation, billing and paging. 

  6. Help Desk: First level customer support, data tracking and problem identification. 

  7. User Access Security/Passwords: Management, and implementation of security/password procedures. 

  8. Voice and Data Wiring: Work order coordination, scheduling and completion of combined wiring for voice and data. 

  9. Security Activities: Including planning, implementation and oversight. 


  1. Advanced degree or equivalent is required. 

  2. A minimum of a Bachelor degree in computer science, engineering or a related field is required.

  3.  A Master's degree or equivalent experience is preferred. 

  4. Licensure/Certifications N/A 

  5. Work Experience Ten years of progressive enterprise infrastructure management responsibility, ideally in a healthcare setting. 

  6. Demonstrated hands on understanding of system software (Windows, Linux etc.). 

  7. Demonstrated experience with project management, budget development and management. 

  8. Demonstrated experience with successful implementation and maintenance of foundational, cross-enterprise infrastructure systems for large enterprises. 

  9. Demonstrated contract negotiation experience and skill with enterprise infrastructure systems acquisitions and maintenance service. 

  10. Demonstrated technical proficiency in applicable hardware, software, networking and systems software. 

  11. Skill in working with executive management; ability to communicate technical concepts and drivers to a non-technical audience. 

  12. 10+ years relevant experience in managing networks, telecommunications, help desk customer service or related areas in large healthcare organizations. 

  13. Demonstrated technical proficiency in applicable voice and data hardware, software, networking and systems software. 

  14. In-depth knowledge of networking protocols, and equipment for LAN and WAN. 

  15. Proven skill and experience in large project management, contracting, general management, strategic planning, program development and negotiations; skill in analysis, organization and presentations. 

  16. Demonstrated skill in managing professionally large operating and capital budgets. 

  17. Skill in managing in a highly matrixed organization. 

Job - Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1.  Reviews and researches technological trends and innovative approaches to problems; identifies and develops solutions utilizing appropriate technologies.

  2. Maintains reliable and stable infrastructure systems, including proactive accommodation for growth. 

  3. Identifies and implements scalable, redundant and efficient IT architectures which facilitate deployment and growth of IT services. 

  4. Identifies and incorporates beneficial and emerging technologies. 

  5. Identifies and explores via prototypes technologies beneficial to the provision of patient care. 

  6. Ensures customer service orientation and consistent customer service via ongoing customer surveys, service performance metrics and the service task management system. 

  7. Develops and maintains a technical feeder system and career ladder for entry level staff via Help Desk, PC Tech, and System Tech positions. 

  8. Ensures that appropriate project planning and scheduling occurs and holds staff members accountable for meeting milestones/commitments. 

  9. Works, as a senior member of the IT management team, to create a productive and fun environment. 

  10. Serves as an internal consultant to management on technology. Maintains expertise in related technologies and techniques; implement new ideas and approaches to achieve leadership in the field. 

  11. Provides innovative and proactive management, including the attraction, retention and development of high quality staff. 

  12. Provides financial oversight of Technical Operations including the development of, and direction of financial objectives, budgets and expenditures. 

  13. Identifies and establishes corporate initiatives and related strategies to advance technology in the defined information systems and operations. 

  14. Identifies, develops and oversees infrastructures and supporting information systems, and related implementations. 

  15. Responsible for developing and implementing procedures to meet administrative, clinical and operating needs. This includes developing protocols for emergency procedures necessitated by system failures. 

  16. Works across the entire organization to troubleshoot and resolve issues and problems. 

  17. Develops and maintains strategic and influential support relationships with primary infrastructure vendors. 

  18. Identifies and implements affordable, long-term solutions for enterprise data storage, and data processing. 

  19. Ensures that the implementation of IT services keeps pace with construction, relocation and facility and business acquisitions. 

  20. Communicates regularly and appropriately with staff members, supervisor, and peers to promote work/project based collaboration.

  21. Communicates work scope and project status to clients to ensure that expectations are properly calibrated and managed. 

  22. Serves as a mentor to staff members, working with them to ensure successful delivery of projects while promoting technical and career growth. 

  23. Prepares budgets and ensures that budgets, both capital and operating, are tied to projects and/or work plans and are met. 

  24. Develops, manages, and assesses the Performance Improvement Program for the department to evaluate the effectiveness of programs. 

  25. Selects sources for needed services not provided by the department or organization. 

  26.  Ensures that the network and computing environment is adequately protected from viruses and electronic attacks. 

  27. Provides accessible and user-friendly forms of secure remote access to data services. 

  28. Regardless of location or location size, provides potential access to the full range of CHA data services. 

  29. Plans and prepares capital and operating budgets for infrastructure equipment, software and staff. Annual operating budget approximately $5 million dollars, and annual capital approximately $2 to $4 million dollars. 

  30. Realizes cost savings, containment and management by optimizing purchase and service contracts via competitive, comprehensive discounted agreements. 

  31. Implements automated infrastructure performance monitoring systems and alerts for critical infrastructure services. 

  32. Develops and updates a long-term infrastructure plan which dovetails with the application, clinical and business strategic plan. 

  33. Ensures power and system redundancy as well as business continuity are adequate to meet patient and public safety needs for data and voice communications throughout CHA enterprise. 

  34. Collaborates with departmental leadership and staff at all levels to devise effective and efficient interdepartmental and external communication strategies and policies where the use of various system/software tools is concerned (e.g., Internet/intranet). 

  35. Perform periodic review and evaluation of service levels provided by IT to the departments. Effectively manage expectations and provide clarity and direction regarding appropriate alignment of service levels with budgeting constraints. 

  36. Maintain professional growth and development through seminars, workshops, and/or professional affiliations to remain abreast of latest developments and trends in Information Technology. Ensures staff maintains current technology and knowledge through training, continuing education programs, required licensure or professional certification, when applicable. 

  37. Regular contact with vendors to obtain information on new/existing products and to coordinate implementations. 


  1. Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.

  2. Excellent communication, technical and organizational skills. 

  3. Proven ability to understand and fulfill user needs. 

  4. Proven experience in implementing technical solutions to meet business needs. 

  5. Proven effectiveness in a complex environment with diverse professional and administrative staff. 

  6. Proven ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. 

  7. Proven ability to work collaboratively. 

  8. Strong management background in a technical environment 

  9. In-depth knowledge of data center operations, and system software. 

  10. In depth knowledge of Back office environment. 

  11. Strong service orientation. 

  12. Experienced decision maker. 

Organizational Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Is responsible for creating a respectful environment for our patient and us. Demonstrates respect for differences in language, culture, race, religion, citizenship, gender, and sexual orientation and does not discriminate on the basis of income, insurance status, immigration status, or disability. 

  2. Complies with the Alliance policy on confidentiality of information regarding patients, families and co-workers. 

  3. Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and clean. 

  4. Completes annual educational requirements and in-service training as required. 

  5. Wears identification while on site. 

  6. Reports to work as scheduled with minimal unscheduled absences. 

  7. Attends meetings and participates in committees as required. 

  8. Represents CHA at professional meetings via participation, presentation, or attendance.

In keeping with federal, state and local laws, Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) policy forbids employees and associates to discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, color, gender, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a workplace free of discrimination. We are fully committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not tolerate unlawful discrimination in the recruitment, hiring, termination, promotion, salary treatment or any other condition of employment or career development. Furthermore, we will not tolerate the use of discriminatory slurs, or other remarks, jokes or conduct, that in the judgment of CHA, encourage or permit an offensive or hostile work environment.

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