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Job Details

Exercise Physiologist

Date Posted: 07/14/2024

Requisition Number: 6554

Location: CHA Everett Hospital 

Work Days: 7am - 3:30pm  

Category: Allied Health  

Department: Heart Station  

Job Type: Per Diem On Call  

Work Shift: Day 

Hours/Week: 0.00 

Union: No 

Union Name: Non Union


The CHA Cardio-vascular department, under the direction of the Cardiology Medical Director and Network Cardiovascular Manager provides a variety of diagnostic testing services, including Stress Tests, Cardiac ultrasound, vascular testing, event and holter monitors.   

• Under the supervision of the Respiratory Care supervisor, participates in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and conducts pulmonary function tests according to established policies and procedures.
• Operates pulmonary rehab or stress testing equipment to monitor patient’s cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular strength and condition

• Performs stress testing of outpatients and inpatients for the purpose of monitoring patient’s cardiovascular strength and condition according to departmental practices and procedures and manufacturer’s procedures.
• Explains methods and procedures to each patient in order to alleviate fear and apprehensions.
• Prepares and secures electrodes to patient to ensure interpretable tracing when applicable.
• Assesses the patient’s total condition throughout the test by monitoring the patient’s vital signs.
• Assists in orientation of patients to Exercise Center or Pulmonary Rehab Center and daily routines.
• Ensures recordings are of the best quality for diagnosis according to departmental practices and procedures.
• Ensures that treadmill and leads are in working condition before each test.
• Records and calculates all necessary parameters and interprets Electrocardiogram tracing for diagnostic purposes.
• Starts IV’s as appropriate in the Exercise Laboratory and in Nuclear Medicine.
• Participates in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program;
• Develops and individualized treatment plan
• Participates in patient initial evaluation for exercise tolerance, including the safe use of the equipment.
• Conducts patient education and training sessions
• Evaluates patient progress, and if needed adjusts the treatment plan
• Monitors patient and program outcomes
• Participates in Pulmonary Rehab team conferences, staff meetings and in-services as appropriate.
• Conducts pulmonary function testing according to department policy and procedures and physician orders. Assists in scheduling pulmonary function tests as needed. Evaluates results and submits billing information on the day of the testing.
• Maintains calibration of equipment according to manufacturer’s specification.
• Ensures accuracy of the equipment in the pulmonary function labs
• When requested by physician, assists patients in self-administration of aerosolized medications as part of the pulmonary function testing
• Obtains arterial blood gases when requested by physician.
• Arranges for analysis of the blood, records result and notifies physician when results are abnormal.
• Communicates findings to medical personnel as required, following departmental practices and procedures.
• Maintains necessary records and files according to departmental practices and procedures. Keeps a log of all patients.
• Maintains equipment and calls service personnel as needed. Orders equipment and supplies as needed.
• Maintains current basic life support (BLS) training.
• Instructs students and other hospital staff in methods and theories of stress testing and pulmonary rehab.
• Assists physician in emergencies according to department policy.
• Maintains current knowledge of industry trends through literature and research in exercise testing and pulmonary rehab. Participates in research by conducting stress tests or pulmonary rehab for studies, illustrating findings via bar and line graphs, and keeping detailed records and logs.
• Conforms to hospital standards and conduct so that the best possible customer service and patient care may be provided.
• Conducts relationships with patients, visitors, physicians and fellow employees in a courteous, professional and friendly manner.
• Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to age groups of adult and geriatric patients regularly served. Notifies supervisor when patients in age groups not regularly served are present, and seeks assistance from individuals with the knowledge of the specialized needs of such patient age groups.
• Utilizes hospital’s behavioral standards as the basis for decision making and to support the hospital’s mission and goals.
• Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures.
• Performs other duties as needed



Other information:
Education/Training :Bachelors or Masters in Kinesiology or a related field.
• Certifications:
Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM EP-C).
Completion or the college course requirements to be eligible for the certified pulmonary function testing exam.
Work Experience:
3 months in a hospital setting as an exercise physiologist or in a pulmonary rehab setting.

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